Meet Jack, the Black-Tri Mini Aussie


Jack, the Halloween baby!

Bricole Reincke is a proud owner of two Miniature Australian Shepherds. In this post, you will meet Jack. Jack is a Black-Tri Mini Aussie and weighs about 20 lbs and is three years old. He was born on Halloween. 
Bricole Reincke and her Mini Aussie Jack

Jack loves laying on the couch and carrying around stuffed toys. He has such a sweet demeanor and loves to cuddle. He is a lap dog an attached to his sister Hazel at the hip. You will meet Bricole Reincke's Miniature Australian Shepherd, Hazel the Red-Tri.

Jack loves his Mini Aussie toy to chew on. How adorable is that?!

Be sure to check out Bricole Reincke's Pinterst Section on Mini Aussies


  1. He is a beautiful dog and not at all spooky...enjoy your time with him!


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