My New Toy- The Revolution Balance Board

Bricole Reincke may not be Tony Hawk, but with this skateboard like trainer he better watch out! But in all seriousness, the Revolution Balance Board is a really innovative way to work on your balance and core strength. 

"Horseback Riding is all about balance," says Bricole Reincke, "I feel like it keeps me more centered over the horse in my stirrups when I am posting."

You can purchase a board here-

How did this board come about? Here is an excerpt from the Revolution Balance Board Website-

Boardsports have always been a lifelong passion of mine, and they continue to inspire me every day. Growing up in North Carolina, I spent many hours practicing, failing at, and attempting to master many different sports. I was, and still am, addicted to the creative outlet, and the challenge of always trying to progress to the next level. 

My passion for boardsports quickly turned into a curiosity of design, as I started building my own boards (skimboards, longboards, wakeskates and more). I took pride in riding them, sharing them with friends, and coming up with ways to make the next version even better. It was the same familiar challenge I felt with riding boards, now with making them. And there was no going back. I decided to pursue a degree in product design. After graduating, I looked for the next source of inspiration…but I didn’t have to look far. 
It had to be balance boards. From my first attempts at boardsports, through today, balance boards have enabled my skillbuilding and passion. On days when the weather was gloomy or the season was off, I used balance boards to continue to train and improve, and just for fun. But I was curious to understand their true potential. The balance boards out there were still missing a lot of things – quality design, versatility, and boards geared towards different specific riders and athletes. It became obvious that improving balance was only the start of how useful and impactful they could be. After countless hours of designing, prototyping, testing, redesigning, and help from friends and family, the Core 32 and 101 boards became the beginning of Revolution.  

Fast forward 7 years and Revolution Balance Boards is still fueled by the challenge of implementing creative and new ideas. Revolution has grown far beyond just me. Our team designs and handcrafts a full lineup of balance boards at our facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. We have shipped to more than 80 countries around the world, to everyone from professional athletes, fitness fanatics, surfers, snowboarders, families, skaters, average joes, hockey players, yogis, mountain bikers, skiers…the list goes on. 
As we continue to innovate and expand, I’m grateful every day for the opportunity to share my passions and to be part of this amazing community.


  1. Bet this would be good for a surfer...Love the announcer


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