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Bricole Reincke Backyard Chickens- April Month in Pictures

What came first the Chickens or the Egg? Bricole Reincke's favorite meal of the day is breakfast! Come to think about it, maybe that's why I have backyard chickens. The yolks of the eggs are so much more orange and have a rich flavor that cannot be beat. Look at my face in the picture below...the breakfast from this fancy restaurant obviously isn't made from farm fresh eggs or why would I be making this face? Pictured above: Bricole Reincke at breakfast in Detroit, Michigan I first decided to get backyard chickens when I moved just outside of Southwest Ranches. We are one of the only areas in Broward County that allows livestock.  Staring out with baby chicks is not as easy as you think it would be. Although they are cute, they spill their water and food constantly, you need to keep a heat-lamp on them and they poop everywhere! However, the process of raising a chick to a full grown chicken is amazing to watch. If you have children, it is a must! Once we got the hang of it

Bricole Reincke is an Animal Fanatic! Bricole loves her Miniature Australian Shepherd, Hazel.

Mini Aussie Kisses are the Best!  Bricole Reincke is pictured with her Minnie Aussie Hazel. Hazel is a complete and utter love child. She will kiss you at any chance she out if your mouth is open!  Bricole Reincke has more sites, check them out here: Creative Equestrian Career Or socialize with Bricole Reincke online:  LinkedIn Medium Behance Pinterest Crunchbase Facebook Instagram Twitter Tumblr Vimeo YouTube (1) YouTube (2) Flickr Bandcamp Thrive Global Quora Angel List About Me Contently

March was all about Animals!

Miniature Aussies, Backyard Chickens and a Horse...OH MY! When I told you I was an Animal Fanatic and I wasn't kidding! They are pretty much my life. March was filled with lots of animal love. Miniature Australian Shepherds Bricole Reincke would be lost without her two  sidekicks, Jack (Black-Tri) and Hazel (Red-Tri) . They pretty much go with her everywhere, as they are registered as emotional therapy dogs. Many people think that the title of emotional therapy dog is a hoax, but they really do provide all the joy in the world for Bricole and her husband. Who would smile watching these two knuckle heads?! Mini Aussies, Jack and Hazel, waiting for cat treats Mini Aussies paying fetch Backyard Chickens Bricole Reincke has 30 backyard chickens clucking away in her backyard. There are 27 egg-laying hens and 3 roosters. The rooster were supposed to be hens, but you never know when you start with pullets. Chickens are such a hoot. They love to take dirt baths and they pretty much eat a

Miniature Australian Shepherd Party! February Adventures

Meet Hazel and Jack my two Mini Aussies!  They are the best doggies a girl could ask for. They go with us everywhere.  To start the day off Matt and I went to the Yellow Green Farmers Market with our two Miniature Australian Shepherds . And they joined us at the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, FL. If you haven't been here, it's such a cool place. They have so many food options to choose from!  As you can see here, they went with Matt to the Pub, where he met Troy, who works with us at Interactive Metronome.  This is Hazel lounging with me on the couch in Southwest Ranches, Florida. Hazel and Jack are the best of friends and can never be separated. They don't mind being dressed up in sweaters! And we live right outside of Southwest Ranches, Florida, where it's hot!  Hazel is such a ham for the cam!  Check out these cute pictures of Mini Aussies on my Pinterest Page . They go with us to horse shows too! Be sure to check out my Equestrian  site.  Footer Links Br