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January 2020- Bricole's Month in Pictures

The first month of the 2020 started out with some fun in the sun on Hollywood Beach, Florida . My husband and I hadn't been in months. We live in Southwest Ranches, which is about 20 minutes from the beach. I don't know why we don't go more often. The funny thing is, we vow we will go more often after having a perfect day breathing in the ocean air and never do. I guess you just take things for granted that are in your backyard. Our beach days start in Dania Beach, where we park the track and ride our bikes to the boardwalk. We usually ride to the local pizza joint, Rocco's Pizza , and enjoy a delicious slice of New York style pie. I am a bit of a plain Jane when it comes to pizza and prefer cheese. It was actually warm enough to go in the water that day, which usually isn't the case in January. Heritage Horse Show I compete on my horse Henry, his show name is Over the Moon, in the Low-Hunter class under my trainer Nancy Unger-Fink, who owns Condee Farm. Henry is a

Bricole Reincke's Photo Blog Journey Begins!

A Decision to Post Each Month In Pictures for the Year of 2020 It occurred to me, Bricole Reincke , that I take so many pictures and rarely share them with my family and friends unless it is on social media. Be prepared to see pictures of my Miniature Australian Shepherds- Hazel & Jack, my Horse- Henry, my Arts & Crafts (I consider myself somewhat of a creative), my Cooking Madness (I am a Foodie!) and way too many selfies! Bee Happy!  What a cool modern wall. I don't share too much because I know that my followers don't want to see a million pictures of my dogs or pictures of the food I have made. I feel like your content is over-filling the feed and then your friends will lose interest in your story because of the overing sharing. However, I do feel it's important for me to log these photo memories in somewhat of a historical tracking kind of way. So...drumroll please... I've decided to post a month in review of the pictures I have taken along wit