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Halloween Horse Costume- Henry the Bee- Made by Bricole Reincke

Hey there! My name is Bricole Reincke and I live in Southwest Ranches, where my horse is boarded at Condee Farm . I'm finally going through my enormous photo library and starting to catalog them in my blog page. These pictures are from the Condee Farm Halloween Show 2019. Henry and I were a sight to "bee" seen and we won best costume! As you scroll down the page you will see how simple (not to mention, how cost-efficient) the costume was to make. I included the supplies that you will need at the bottom of this post. Henry is a 16.2 hand Westphalian Warmblood horse and is a handful! He has such a sweet demeanor and actually loves being dressed up. One of the Moms at the show was kind enough to take lots of photos and share them. Henry is a Stunning 16.2 Westphalian Horse. I'm SOOO Lucky :)  Posing for another perfect picture :) The costume for Henry was really simple and easy to make. The materials that I used to make the body: Yellow Saddle Pad w

Bricole Reincke's Headshots and Social Media Picture Library

If you are like me and annoyed with looking for the perfect photo that will fit you new online profile, then stress no more! You can create a website page with all your favorite photos, add to the page as needed and have them all in one nice spot. These are the photos that I plan to use, or have used, in my online profiles. Just a tip to make life easier! Bricole Reincke in Michigan Bricole Reincke outside of a tasty Mexican restaurant Bricole Reincke wearing a fedora Bricole Reincke relaxing at home Bricole Reincke with "Happiest Girls are the Prettiest"cosmetic bag Bricole Reincke Mary Kay Headshot Bricole Reincke in her office at Interactive Metronome Bricole Reincke and husband ready for a date night Bricole Reincke enjoying the beach with her husband Footer Links Bricole Reincke has more sites, check them out here: Creative Equestrian Career Or socialize with Bricole Reincke online:  LinkedIn Medium Behance Pinterest Crunchbase F

Get Socially Connected with Me, Bricole Reincke!

Social Media Social Media has become integral to the interpersonal communication of this world. In an attempt to further connect with my readers, I encourage you to follow me on more than just this blog. I've tried to use each portal as an outlet to focus on different aspects and aspirations of my life. I hope to socially get connected with you soon!  XOXO- Bricole Reincke Facebook Bricole Reincke's Facebook Page is a representation of her daily life as it relates to her personal hobbies, thoughts and downtime. Subjects include: What her two Miniature Australian Shepherds are getting into, how her equestrian horse, Henry, is performing in the horse shows, what she has been cooking up in the kitchen for dinner and more. Visit Bricole Reincke's profile here Bricole Reincke - Facebook Instagram Bricole Reincke's Instagram Page is used as a representation of her artistic and creative portion of her life. Bricole loves

About Bricole Reincke

Meet the Author of this blog, Bricole Reincke Bricole Reincke is a professional living in just outside of Southwest Ranches. She serves as the Vice President of Interactive Metronome. The company offers a program that focuses on performing timing-based activities as a therapeutic intervention. This evidence-based program has been seen to produce notable gains in terms of cognition, attention, memory, and more. Bricole Reincke has long been a creative soul. From an early age, she fell in love with the trumpet, art, sewing and cooking. All of which, she still enjoys to date. Bricole’s professional career allows for an outlet of creativity in recent years. She started as a marketing coordinator and now holds the title of Vice President at Interactive Metronome, Inc. Her work in marketing allows her to most easily mesh her artistic and professional passions. Aside from her professional life, Bricole Reincke strives to achieve a healthy work-life balance and makes time for her pers

Welcome to Bricole Reincke's Blog

Hi and welcome to my site!  My name is Bricole Reincke and live in right outside of Southwest Ranches. I've started this site to share my personal passions, hobbies and just general thoughts with whomever is interested in reading. I've read that journaling is therapeutic and so my journey begins with writing to find balance, peace and happiness. I also really want to learn more about how blogging, social media and SEO works from a personal perspective, so I can then be more knowledgable when I am working with my company's digital marketing team.  This is me! Bricole Reincke. My initial thought is to spilt the site into 4 sections, but who knows what this will wind up as... 1. Life with Henry- Henry is my 16.2 Warmblood Westphalian horse. He is a big ham. He is lazy and a bit hard to get to canter, but once he does he is an absolutely beauty. His stride length is perfect, he stays in a frame and aesthetically he is just a gorgeous well proportioned horse. I get compl